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Dan Cappellazzoo | Crayola

Dan Cappellazzoo | Crayola

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Recycle Items You Didn't Know Were Recyclable

Even if you maintain a steady habit of reducing, reusing and recycling, you may occasionally run across an item that stumps you — Markers? Keys? Your old bra? — and send it to the landfill, perhaps unnecessarily.

It can be tough to keep track of what exactly can be recycled, let alone where and how. The best first step, says Krystal Noiseux, a recycling program manager in Rhode Island, is always a local one.

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10 Cinematographers to Watch

When she was 11, Nathalie Durand announced to her parents that she was going to work in the movie business, “so I could go to the movies whenever I wanted.” A love of the visual image led her to study cinematography at the Louis-Lumiere National Film School in Paris, where she has lived for 30 years. 

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Image via Spredfast

Image via Spredfast


Safe & Strong Social Media: Why Risk Management Must Be a Priority for Your Brand

This whitepaper, titled Safe & Strong Social Media: Why Risk Management Must be a Priority for Your Brand, will help you understand the opportunities and risks your brand faces on social, and what you can do about them.

Download it to learn:

  • Why social relationships are so crucial for brands and how brands can protect them...

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Image from The Zebra

Image from The Zebra

The Zebra

Car Insurance: In Plain English

Look, we know car insurance is a hassle. It's not a sexy expense either, ranking somewhere between a new mop and your water bill on the excitement scale. But it's critical to understand insurance so that you can properly save on it. Don't worry—we'll break it down in plain english. Consider this a jargon-free chat with your friend who happens to be an expert in all things car insurance. We'll explain, you save. Deal?

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